spider found in woman's earWoman thought she was possessed by evil spirit after hearing strange noises others couldn’t hear. Turns out it’s a spider living in her ear

October is here and scary stories are being told here and there ahead of Halloween. For Li Meng, however, the scary story seems a bit too real.

After coming back from a hiking trip with her boyfriend, the 25 year old woman started hearing strange noises that others couldn’t hear.

Not only hearing scratches but also the pain that follow the scratching noises have been driving Li Meng crazy, to be point that she thinks she is possessed by evil spirit.

Even painkillers couldn’t help with the pain in her ear, causing her to visit temples and priests to pray for her and cleanse her spirit.

She confessed that she ate wild berries that grew over a tomb, despite her superstitious boyfriend asking her not to. Her boyfriend warned her she could get cursed for doing that, but she didn’t care because she was very thirsty at the time.

After nothing of those superstitious stuffs worked, she finally went to see an ear doctor at Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The doctor was surprised to find out that there is a spider building a web in her left ear.

The doctor tried to get the spider out but it became angrier and scratched even harder, causing more pain in Meng’s ear.

He then use the ear drops to pacify the spider and pulled it out with a pair of tweezers.

Li Meng then admitted that she did climb a tree during her hiking trip which may explain where the spider got into her ear in the first place.

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