reason why people watch pirated movies onlineMost of us want to watch movies on high quality DVD or Blu-Ray, but studios make it so difficult. No wonder people watch pirated movies downloaded illegally from internet.

Luckily for me, I subscribed to Netflix, so I can watch any movies and TV shows anytime I want without commercials. They are in high quality as well. My friends who are not subscribed to Netflix or doesn’t have high speed internet will have to settle with renting a DVD or Blu-Ray movies which is great, because they have high quality video and audio as well.

Problem is; they are full of commercials and this message and that message which will turn many people like me off. Again, I can go on Netflix on my computer or my phone and tune in any movies any time without commercials and copyright warning. But those poor souls out there without Netflix and refuse to watch these commercials?

They will go to illegal movies streaming sites. What do? they just have to install an AdBlock Plus, go to one of those sites, and woila! free movies, no commercials, no interruptions.

If they can’t watch these movies online because their connection is too slow, they will just go torrent those movies and let it download for a few hours. Once they come back from their errands or school, their movies are ready to watch. See how easy for it is? it’s like the movie studios are not giving them any choices, it’s a no brainer.

So Hollywood, nobody wants to pirate your movies when they have a choice. So, make your movies available and easy to access. Don’t throw in so many messages and commercials, I’m sure less and less people will want to pirate your movies. Make more available to Netflix as well.

why people pirate movies
why people pirate movies

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