Many fans of the popular TV Show, Game of Thrones wonder where Jon Snow’s massive direwolf, Ghost was during the Battle of the Bastards. He could have helped a bit by chewing off some Bolton army, right?

The simple explanation is location. Quigley, the wolf playing Ghost, lives in Canada and the Battle of the Bastards scene was shot in Ireland. It is just easier and cheaper to let Quigley stay in Canada instead of dealing with the logistics and red tape involved with bringing an endangered species across international borders.

During the earlier episodes, where Jon Snow got resurrected, Ghost was actually in the GoT set in Canada, while the scene of Ser Allister pounding on the door asking Ser Davos to open the door was shot in Northern Ireland.

What about dragons? well.. the dragons are fully CGI, so the animators can stay wherever they need to be as long as they can work together syncing the animated dragons with the scenes.

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