android or iphone app as scary monster eye for halloween
Did you know you can use your smartphone, either Android or iPhone to add some scary effect to boost your Halloween costume? one of them is this scary eye.

There are downloadable apps on Google Play and App Store to boost your Halloween costume, one of them is this scary eye app.

Of course you still need to buy the mask, the outfit, the fake blood etc, but slipping this crazy eye rolling around in your mask will surely freak out some people on the street.

If you wonder where you can buy this kind of mask, just head to your local Halloween store, party store or Amazon. Amazon carries scary masks like these ranging from $10 to $200, just adjust it to your budget.

You can wear a mask like the one shown on the left (click on the picture or here for more Halloween masks on Amazon) and install this scary eye app for free for Google Play or App Store.

Once you got the mask and slip in this eye into the mask, you are ready to become the star of the party.

Now go scare some poor souls this Halloween day. Booooooo………

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