High school student hands out deportation notices at school
Not even a week after Donald Trump wins the election to become America’s 45th president, a student already hands out ‘deportation letters’ to schoolmates of different ethnicities.

According to Shasta High School superintendent, this high school student handed out ‘deportation notice’ to students of many different ethnicities and recorded a video of their reactions.

Barely a couple days after Donald Trump is elected as America’s 45th president, Melissa Faizer’s daughter came home explaining students were making racial comments at other students, including her daughter.

As her eyes filled with tears Fraizer said, “I’m all about love and kindness and for someone to treat me differently it hurts”.

When the student was called and asked, he explained that it was all a joke.

“It’s not a joke. It’s not funny. You are making fun of my family, you’re making fun of my friends and it hurts,” Fraizer said.

“People need to think twice before they open their mouths because it’s not who you are. A student walked into her (Fraizer’s daughter) first class in the morning and was greeted with, ‘Are you ready to go back to Mexico?,’ Fraizer said. “My initial thought was [my daughter] never even been to Mexico, ‘What are these people thinking?’,” Fraizer asked in disbelief.

It is still not clear if the school will take action on this student.

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