So, Aurora finally got her first boo boo, or physical wound for the first time since becoming a toddler. What happened? she kissed the un-matted floor at the park and scratched her nose.

Well, Aurora just found out how fun it is to run around, and since her balance is not that good yet, she lost her balance on the uneven ground, and fell down.

We basically just put the wet hand towel with soap and cleaned it up, and dry it right away with the dry part of the towel and cuddle her and tell her it’s going to be OK.

It actually worked, after the cuddle and the talking, she calmed down and just wanted to cuddle.

So basically, a cuddle and sweet talk are good enough to sooth a toddler’s boo boo or wound, but we still need to clean it up and make sure it doesn’t bleed continuously for long.

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