Thor Ragnarok Review by IndoWorld; fun fun fun movie
Wish to watch an action movie, yet funny, cheerful, colorful, and full of superheroes? look no more, Thor: Ragnarok is here, and it is such a fun fun fun movie to watch.

Marvel has been treating us better and better movie. We used to think of superhero movies as dark and intense with The Dark Knight as the height of those superhero movies.

What did Marvel say? well, we will give you something different, and you are going to like it. Oh boy, do we?

Following Thor’s vision of the Ragnarok in Thor: The Dark World, he has been actively looking for ways to prevent it from happening.

That led to him being captured by Surtur, the being that’s being prophesied as the one bringing Ragnarok to Asgard.

Thor succeeded in defeating the weakened Surtur, but the real danger to Asgard is none other than his own sister, Hela, the Goddess of Death.

Hela was imprisoned in Hel by Odin, and with Odin gone, Hela is back with a vengeance. Cate Blanchett really shines and steals all the scenes she is in this movie as Hela. Her movement, dialogues, expression, truly brought Hela to life.

Another female character who shines throughout this movie is Valkyrie, played brilliantly by Tessa Thompson. You thought Sif was a badass? nothing compared to Valkyrie. Her chemistry with Thor and Hulk is amazing.

Speaking of Hulk, his love-hate relationship with Thor is so much fun to watch, and this movie’s best scenes always feature this two, either fighting side by side, fighting each other or arguing with each other like an old couple arguing about which early bird special they are going to for dinner.

Chris Hemsworth has shown that he could be a comedy actor in the new Ghostbusters, but in this Thor: Ragnarok, he really showcased what a great actor he is, and he played his comedic side of acting brilliantly.

Taika Waititi, the director, is truly a comedian at heart, and his comedic senses truly put a big footprint all over this movie, which makes it a comedy movie with superheroes in it, and it’s not a complain indeed.

Check out Thor: Ragnarok trailer below

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