Jon Snow vs Night King Game of Thrones Ending
Game of Thrones season 8 will come in 2019, and they will make multiple endings. Is this one of the endings? where Jon Snow will meet the Night King face to face and end it once and for all?

The world’s number one TV show is approaching its final season. And many people are speculating how the hugely popular show will end.

Some say that the Night King will win and the seven kingdoms will become ash.

Some say that Dany will win and become the Queen of Westeros, but she may end up becoming the Mad Queen.

And some say that Jon will end up on the Iron Throne with Dany dying after delivering him a baby.

What’s your theory?

What about Jon Snow and the Night Kings face off to decide the outcome of this war?

Watch the video of Jon Snow vs Night King fight below;

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