baby Aurora learning about water
In this post and video, we are teaching the 19 month old Aurora about water, and how water takes the shape of its container.

We use the whale bath cup and plastic egg with holes. We made sure any cup we use for her bath time has hole so the water could fall down and she can learn that water always fall from higher place.

In the video we can see her reaction and how she is learning that water falls down and takes the shape of the cup and the amount and volume of the ‘waterfall’ depends on the shape of the holes.

As we can see in the video, she is having fun learning about it. We also made sure that the water falls on her arms, her shoulder, her head and her bath toys so she can feel the difference between the ‘waterfalls’ from different cups with different sizes of holes.

Skills Status
Age 19 months old
Crawl YES -
Walk YES -
Speech In progress Mama, Papa, Cheese, Cow, Mooh,
Meow (when she sees cats on streets or TV)
Woof (when she sees dogs on streets or TV)
Quack-Quack (when she sees duck on TV)
Mam-mam (eat in Indonesian)
A,B,C, 1,2,3,4,8,10
Uh Oh, Red, Blue, Star, Square, No, Yeah, Bye-Bye, Hi, Kitty,  Milk, Apple, Twinkle, Poo-poo, duck, cat, Thank You, Bobok, Peek-a-boo
Bottle, Up
Potty  NO
 Self Feed In progress With hands only
Playing with spoons, not using them
Social Interactions In progress Start warming up to other children
Shapes and Color In progress Able to put a few shapes in the hole
Read Books NO Still need us to read to her,
sometimes open up the books and mumbling by herself
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