sex predator molesting a woman caught on camera in China
A sex predator caught on video camera beating up and molesting a girl on stairs, he attacked the woman when she was going up the stairs and sexually groping her here and there. Please BEWARE!!!

In case you were wondering, this happened in a hotel in China. Lately many people prefer to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator because of the safety issue.

Many reports have exposed China’s elevator safety issue that cause people to get stuck in it and unable to get out before help came in.

I think what happened here is, the man had been waiting in the hotel lobby. Once he saw a woman go into the stairs, he slowly followed her.

Once she was up there, he ran and attacked her and tried to rape her before realizing that a video was installed there and recording everything he was doing.

The worst thing is, not only groping and molesting her. He also beat her up and kicked her neck. It could paralyze her and made her into a disabled person for the rest of her life.

Girls, please beware and always look what and who are in front and behind you at any time, especially at strange places.

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