mutt, pug joke

So… a mutt, a pug and a raccoon walked into a bar and started ordering their drinks.

The mutt says “I’ll have whatsever on tap.”
The barkeep pours him some Bud.
The Pug says “I’ll have your 2007 Pinot Noir de Côte d’Or. Whole bottle please.”
The barkeep brings the wine and uncorks the bottle. The pug raises his glass and toasts smugly to “pedigree and fine tradition”.
This insults the mutt.
An argument begins.
Meanwhile the barkeep asks the raccoon what he wants.
After a moment of thought the raccoon replies,”Nothing. Those two were so concerned with their drinks that they failed to notice that you haven’t washed your hands before you served them. The mutt may have pride, and the pug may have class,” he pushed away his stool.”but us coons have standards.” And with that he left

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