Marie's pregnancy with Aurora

This is the post of Marie’s habits, behavior and diet during her time carrying Aurora in her tummy.

In the first trimester when we found out she was pregnant, we were overjoyed, but we were also becoming very cautious.

We looked up everything she shouldn’t eat and what she should eat just like everyone would have.

Basically, we avoided raw fish because there is too much iron, and it can’t be good for the baby.

Work wise, she was working at a pet store, and she had to climb up and down the stairs to the basement quite often and we were a bit worried, thankfully it was unfounded.

One thing she made sure was she didn’t clean up pet litter anymore, because the ammonia is highly toxic and that’s very bad for the baby. She practically worked there until the week before giving birth, so… yes, she was working at pet store with huge tummy.

Ever since we found out she was pregnant, we made sure she never missed her prenatal vitamins and folic acid. Remember, when you or your spouse becomes pregnant, folic acid is extremely important.

What is folic acid? it is a medicine to prevent birth defects of the spinal cord and the brains. It also helps lower the baby’s risk of cleft lip, cleft palate and certain types of heart defects.

You can buy folic acid at your local pharmacy and it’s not expensive, so please never miss it.

Starting second trimester, we started eating grilled salmon, because it was said that it contains high DHA that would be good the baby’s brains development. We recorded Aurora’s after birth journal as well to keep track on her intelligent level, so be sure to check them out.

I also started reading books to Marie’s tummy more often, a few nights a week, just to ensure that the baby can hear us. By around week 6 of pregnancy, the cells inside her developing head are already starting to arrange themselves into tissues that will become her brains, face, eyes, ears and nose. So she will be able to hear us talking and listening to us telling stories.

reading books to pregnant woman is recommended

birds nest during pregnancyI also bought some BRAND bird’s nest for Marie to drink. I know, you are like, WHAT THE…. ? BIRD’S NEST? Among Asians, bird’s nest is a luxury, and some who cannot afford it go for coconut juice instead.

I was told that it would make the baby’s skin milky white, smooth and more resistant to skin diseases, so I gave it shot. Marie had a pretty strong feeling against it because it is very uncommon and unheard of among Westerners to drink bird’s nest. Especially during pregnancy when a fetal life is at stake. In the end, The Asian medicine storekeepers and I convinced her to drink it once every 2 weeks until she gave birth. So far, knock on woods, Aurora’s skin is fair, smooth and immune to baby eczema when many of my friends’ babies had it.

She also had plenty of vegetables, no red meat and plenty of fruits. Cooked fish, chicken and vegetable stew became our diet. We avoided beef and pork.

One thing I’m really grateful is, Aurora NEVER gave Marie any troubles. Marie never for once had morning sickness, bad labor nor tummy ache. The only thing troubled Marie was how often she needed to go pee, which is perfectly normal for women carrying a baby.

Marie did become more sensitive, so I had to choose my words very carefully and be patient with her.

We also never for once, missed a sonogram appointment and listen carefully to what the doctors said and worked with them. Below are the sonogram pictures of Aurora when she was in Marie’s tummy.

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sonogram pictures of Aurora

It was hard work for nine months, but in the end, it’s totally worth it. The labor and after birth story is posted here.

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