Logan review; a Truly Great Movie, Not Just Among Superhero Movies
Logan is a truly great movie, and not just among superhero movies, but a terrific movie overall. You can tell a lot of thoughts and hearts were put in producing this masterpiece.

Unlike other superhero movies, nobody is saving the world here, let alone a galaxy. This movie feels very personal, it makes you care about the characters, love them, feel their pain and sorrow and you want the very best for them.

It is 2029, Logan is old now, he is losing his healing ability. His adamantium has become a poison that’s killing him slowly and painfully. He does’t really care about this world anymore, just trying to get by day by day while caring for professor Xavier, who is doing even worse than him.

Nobody knows Wolverine’s whereabouts until he killed some thugs in his trademark wolverine ways, which led him to be found by an evil corporation…. and a nurse.

This nurse then introduced him to a little girl, Laura, who turns out to be Wolverine’s daughter through cloning technology. Dafne Keen played Laura amazingly well, by the way.

Professor X convinces Logan to take the mission to bring Laura to Eden, despite him disbelieving that such place even exists.

Through this journey, Logan finds himself to care about another person, a feeling he’s been trying to avoid, believing he only brings doom to the people he cares about.

In the end, he finally found peace in the best ending possible for Wolverine and a truly memorable farewell from Hugh Jackman.

This movie is R rated for its extreme violent, but the humors, the heart-wrenching moments and heart-warming moments will make you feel like the admission ticket is totally worth it.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Steward truly acted their hearts out in this movie, and made this movie a masterpiece, not just another good superhero movie.

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