★★★☆ Jumanji 2 – Welcome to the Jungle is surprisingly good, it’s lite, fun and entertaining. Its the perfect film for family movie night.

First of all, let me confess my sin. I had huge skepticism about this movie based on the trailers and the posters. I went to see it after hearing so many people recommend this movie, and I was still pleasantly surprised going out from movie theater.

Its plot is very simple, it’s about four teenagers who got sucked in the Jumanji game and they have to make their way out. The four teenagers, a nerd, a shy girl, a narcissistic girl and a jock got sucked into the game and have their characters developed while playing it. The amazing thing is how it made us care about these characters more than we anticipated before going in to see it.

To be honest, there are plot holes, which I won’t spoil here. The CGI shows a bit at times, and the vilain is pretty generic. The acting however, and I’m talking about the four of them, made up for all the weaknesses.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, keeps getting better and better. His portrayal as a teenager was unbelievably believable. So was Karen Gillan’s acting as a shy teenage girl. Kevin Heart was as funny as always, but to top it all was Jack Black’s portrayal as his character in the game, it will crack you up to no end.

Even though this movie barely made any reference to the original, doesn’t mean it let it down. In the matter of fact, I personally think it did the original some justice. There is a small reference in the movie when Alex mentioned that the shack he’s been living in is Alan Parish’ house. Alan Parish is Robin Williams’ character in the original Jumanji.

This movie knows what it is and what it wants to be, and it does a great job at it. If you haven’t taken your family to see, you should. It’s worth the admission tickets.

Jumanji 2 – Welcome to the Jungle Trailer

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