For those who are confused about Jon Snow’s parentage in Game of Thrones, this is a quick and easy explanation in comic stripe style.

Westeros map 3D

Above is the map of Westeros, the kingdom in which the Game of Thrones takes place. The capital is King’s Landing with The Red Keep as its castle. King Aerys II Targaryen rules the Seven Kingdom of Westeros from this city.

In the north, the largest castle is Winterfell, where the Starks family live as the warden of the North. The Starks have been around for thousands of years, way before the Targaryen set foot on Westeros.

In the south, we see Tower of Joy, it’s a small castle but will become significance later on.

Rhaegar Targaryen
This is Rhaegar Targaryen, he was the son of King Aerys II Targaryen and the crown prince. He was married to Ellia Martell of Dorne and had two children with her.He was said to be bookish, shy and melancholy.Rhaegar is loved by many people in Westeros due to his charisma, kindness and good looks. He was an excellent singer and loved his harp, even more than his sword.He was called ‘The Last Dragon’
Lyanna Stark of Winterfell
This is Lyanna Stark, the daughter of Rickard Stark, lord of Winterfell. She has three brothers; Ned, Brandon and Benjen.She is betrothed to Robert Baratheon.

Wolf blood ran through her veins, and she was called ‘half horse’ meaning she was a great rider. She was a total badass Northern girl.

jousting tournament at Harrenhal
King Aerys II ‘Mad King’ Targaryen held the biggest tourney of its time, where everyone of nobility from there, from the Dornes of the south to the Starks of the north.The tourney competition lasted seven days and featured a whole host of competitors including a mystery knight, whose name nobody knew, but ‘he’ was actually Lyanna participating in the tourney as a man.
Rhaegars sings to Lyanna Stark
One night, Rhaegar was singing with his harp when Lyanna overheard him sing ‘the song of ice and fire’.She fell in love with her immediately, and he has the mutual feeling towards her, despite him being married to Elia Martel.This will be the event that started the Robert’s Rebellion.

Rhaegar Targaryen presents Lyanna Stark flowerThe Mad King in the Game of ThronesWhen Rhaegar Targaryen eventually won the jousting tournament, he didn’t give the flower to his wife, Ellia Martel.

Instead, he crowned Lyanna Stark as the queen of love and beauty in that tournament.Not long after that, Rhaegar ‘abducted’ Lyanna Stark which upset Robert Baratheon, her betrothed.

Brandon Stark and Rickard Stark went to the Mad King to demand Lyanna back. Instead of getting her back, they got burned alive in the Red Keep.

Rhaegar Targaryen vs Robet Baratheon at the battle of Trident
After the Warden of the North of his son got burned alive, Jon Arryn called his bannermen to raise their flags against the crown with Robert Baratheon as the leader.This war will be known as Robert’s Rebellion.Rhaegar Targaryen left Lyanna Stark in the Tower of Joy, guarded by 3 of his best kingsguard while he went to meet Robert Baratheon in the Trident.

He lost that battle after Robert swung his massive warhammer into his chest and killed the crown prince.

Jaime Lannister killed Mad King
With his son dead and Robert’s army led by Ned Stark approaching King’s Landing, the Mad King wanted to end it all by burning the capital to the ground with wildfyre.Jaime Lannister put an end to his reign by stabbing him in the back, thus earned him the nickname ‘Kingslayer’.

The Lannister army led by Tywin Lannister then pillaged, raped and murdered the citizens of King’s Landing, which known as The Sack of King’s Landing.

Tywin then had The Mountain killed Rhaegar’s wife and children and presented their dead bodies to Robert Baratheon and earn them his trust.

Ned Stark vs Arthur Dayne at Tower of JoyThe war is won, Ned Stark took some of his banner Lords to the Tower of Joy to save his sister.There his party was greeted by the great Ser Arthur Dayne. From the five riders, only two survived and Ned was lucky he made it out alive because Howland Reed stabbed Dayne in the back when he was facing Ned.

After Dayne is dead, Ned heard a girl’s scream coming from the Tower of Joy. He took up Dawn, the sword made of a fallen star and rushed up to the tower.

Ned Stark promised Lyanna to keep Jon safeUp in the Tower of Joy, Ned Stark put Dawn below Lyanna and found her bleeding in her bed.Lyanna told him a secret and made him promised to keep ‘him’ safe.

Lyanna then told Ned her son’s name, which we think is this here.

The nurse handed the baby Jon Snow to Ned’s arm and he promised Lyanna to keep it secret and keep him safe.

Dummy guide to Jon Snow's parentage
Now that we have found out that Jon Snow is actually the result of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s love affair, it will be interesting to see if he will have a claim on the Iron Throne or not.Targaryen’s words are; Fire and Blood.

Stark’s words are; Winter is Coming.

So Jon is basically the combination of fire and ice. Which is the song Rhaegar had been singing about; the song of ice and fire.

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