GoT S6 Ep.7; The Broken Man Review; CLEGANEBOWL CONFIRMED
In this Game of Thrones S6 Ep.7; the Broken Man, we find out that The Hound is alive and CLEGANEBOWL is CONFIRMED! Arya is doomed by the way.

In the north, Jon, Sansa and Ser Davos are rallying the houses to back them up. Bear island’s leader, a 10 year old Lyanna Mormont truly made Jon and Sansa speechless with her…. Mormont way, but in the end, she pledges her men to them, sixty two good men.

Mormont house 62 good men

In King’s Landing, it turns out Margaery is not purified by the High Sparrow after all. She is scheming, probably a blood bath as she instructed lady Olenna to leave King’s Landing and return to Highgarden at once.

Before returning home, lady Olenna went hard on Cersei as she told her she’s the worst person she’s ever met and that two ancient houses are in danger because of her stupidity. Of all, this is my favorite one, “You’ve lost Cersei. It’s the only joy I could find in this misery”.

In Braavos, Arya Stark is trying to find her way home and booked a cabin that’s leaving in two days, however, she let her guard down and got stabbed by the Waif. Will she make it out Braavos alive? we shall see in the next episode: No One.

Arya Stark stabbed by The Waif

Last but not least, the man of the week; Sandor Clegane, aka The Hound. He is alive and well after being saved by Ray. He is now good and live a humble live with a group of peaceful people.

Now to remind us, this is Game of Thrones, people who live peacefully WILL die, and they won’t die pretty. The Brotherhood Without Banners massacred these people for their food.

By the time Sandor came back from chopping wood, he found the whole village has been massacred, along with Ray who got hanged. Sandor picked up a weapon once again and ready to shed some blood and becomes The Hound again.

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