Game of Thrones season 6 official trailer is here, and here I will explain what’s in the trailer; is Jon Snow alive? how is Sansa? Clegane Bowl? What’s going on with The Mother of Dragons? Is that the Tower of Joy scene?

Watch the trailer of GoT S6 below;

Let’s break it down;

0:23 – it’s one of the Boltons after they lose the fight and Winterfell gets retaken.

1:00 – Tower of Joy Scene with Ned Stark and Howland Reed fighting Ser Gerold Hightower? or maybe Ser Arthur Dayne. Whoever that is, he is wearing a Targaryen sigil on his chest, and he has to be strong enough to face both Ned and Howland.
Tower of Joy fight scene, is that Ned Stark?

1:01 – Nights Watch men with Aliser Thorne trying to get in a room, maybe trying to prevent Mel reviving Jon. We also see Ser Davos unsheathing Jon’s Valyrian Steel sword; Long Claw to protect Jon, Ghost and Mel.

1:05 – Little Finger in the North?

1:10 – Brienne finally gets to Sansa.
This time I think she gets to keep her oath… with her Valyrian steel sword; the Oath-keeper.

1:12 – Dead Jon about to get laid, or Mel is just being slutty as usual? well.. if she wants to get laid with Jon, this is the best time. Jon cannot say no this time (sounds kinda rapey).

1:14 – Arya being Arya, epic.
We will see Arya with her eyes intact and her eyes gone, she is such a badass.

1:16 – Ser Arthur Dayne.

1:17 – There is Jon on the fucking horse fucking up Boltons along with the Free Folk. Probably leading the army of free folk to liberate Winterfell.
Jon Snow on the horse in season 6 trailer

1:19 – Tyrell army is epic.

1:21 – Bran gets acquainted with W.W King, both seem related, their noses are the give away.
Jokes aside, I think this is one of Bran’s vision. I mean, look at him, he is standing as tall as the White Walker King, and yet he is a cripple.
Bran Stark with White Walker King

1:42 – Jon’s eyelids just moved.

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