Detect Your Android and Install Flash APK to Play Flash Online
Unable to play some flash games or live stream online? detect your Android and install the Flash player APK appropriately here.

Flash is basically obsolete now, but some games and live streams online still using this old Flash technology, so basically we cannot play them on our Android phone? yes we can. We just need to install the Flash player on our Android phone and we can play those games and live streams again.


1. See which Android version your phone/tablet is with the information given below;

2. Below is the link to download and install the Flash APK;

-. Android 4.0 and higher Flash APK download link

-. For Android 2.0 and 2.1 download and install this Flash APK

Now you can go to the website that provides those Flash Games or Flash live streams and enjoy them on your Android browser again.

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