Can you believe this? a young couple sold their newborn baby online just to buy the latest iPhone.

The young couple in China has been arrested for human trafficking. The father, who was only 19 years old with his girlfriend, who was underage when she gave birth to the baby decided to sell their daughter online.

They posted the bidding on a popular Chinese messaging app, QQ. It didn’t take long for them to find a potential buyer who is willing to take the baby off their hands for his sister.

The father only had plans to buy the newest iPhone and a motorcycle once he got the money from selling his baby. The Chinese police force quickly track them and arrested them immediately, but the baby already changed hands.

The father was sentenced into 3 years of jail, stating that he didn’t know that it was illegal to sell their baby because they couldn’t afford to raise the baby anyways, and it was better for her to go to a better off family.

The mother was let off because she still had to finish her school. She herself wasn’t affected that much and admitted she didn’t know her baby was being auctioned online, “I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal”.

Once the arrest hit the news, the online buyer decided to turn himself in because he didn’t want to be a fugitive. The judge then decided that the baby can stay with the buyer’s sister because it will be better for the baby instead of staying with the mother’s family who doesn’t have the mean to raise the child.

In China, it is pretty common for a family to send one of their children to be raised by an extended family who are well off to ensure that the child can grow up properly. But when it comes to money trading hands like this, maybe it is not that common.

Also, in China, it seems like iPhone is a great commodity to show one’s social status. Many people would starve themselves to save money to buy an iPhone. Sounds unbelieveable? well… better believe it, because it’s how it is there.

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