GoT 6 Ep.9 Review; Battle of Bastards is a Masterpiece of Filmaking

Whoever watched Game of Thrones; Battle of Bastards would agree on one thing; it is a masterpiece of filmaking and deserve Emmy Awards.

To start, we already highly anticipated that this episode was going to awesome, but boy, did the ending left us even more satisfied despite having such a high expectation.

To start, Tyrion admitted that his plans backfired and the masters betrayed him. The masters took their fleet and attacked Mereen in hoping to get Daenerys Targaryen to leave the Slavers Bay.

Dany then took out her adult and big ass dragons to burn down some ships and her Dothraki riders to massacre the sons of Harpi to show her powers to the masters. Tyrion then let one alive to go back to other cities and warned them about what would happen to them if they defy Dany again.

Yara and Theon finally reached Mereen and offered their ships to Dany in exchange of helping them reclaim the salt throne after they halp Dany reclaim Iron Throne.

Yara and Daenerys to support each other

In the north, Jon Snow offered Ramsay to have a one on one fight, but Ramsay refused, knowing he has the advantage in numbers and Winterfell.

Ser Davos Seaworth finally found out what happened to Shireen Baratheon while he was walking around the camp, which deepens his hatred towards Melissandre, the Red Woman.

Davos found out about Shireen's fate

To start the battle, Ramsey released Rickon Stark only to be killed by arrow, as it was a game for the Lord Bolton, which angered Jon Snow.

The next 25 minutes are all about the battle, but this is where the cinematography and choreography truly excel. We are taken to the deep of the battlefield, where panic, confusion, and chaos all happen at the same time.

We can literally felt how Jon was suffocating under a few dead bodies and the pain he felt during the battle.

When his men were on the verge of getting massacred, Sansa and Littlefinger came to the rescue with the Knights of the Vale, which ended Ramsay Bolton’s rule of Winterfell.

Jon Snow and his men were able to penetrate Winterfell thanks to Wun Wun’s strength, but the last giant finally died after taking so many damages. Jon Snow beats the hell out of Ramsay in a one on one battle before throwing him into the cell.

In the end, Sansa Stark took possession of Ramsay and fed him to his own dogs. What an ending to such a cruel man.

Ramsay Bolton got killed and eaten by his own dogs

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