after potty training, Aurora poop for the first time in her potty
Hip hip hurray. After going through so many days of potty training Aurora, she finally poop by herself in her ducky potty. Here is our tip, hopefully it’s useful to you, fellow new parents.

Potty training Aurora was such a pain in the butt. She really didn’t want to sit still in her potty no matter what. I’m sure some of you can relate.

We made her watch many potty videos on youtube, but she just wouldn’t do it. At one point, she got angry every time we turned on the potty training videos.

We finally figured out one thing; she looooooves TV, and she loves ABC songs. Since we already have many ABC and 123 songs on her phone (it’s a cheap Android phone), we slid in her phone in between the bathroom sink’s door handles.

It did the trick, she stayed still to watch those those videos. We put her ducky potty closer to the phone. You can get any potty that can sing anywhere at Target, Walmart or baby stores around here. You can also buy it online on Amazon.

With the video on, she sat still for quite some time. Of course I waited next to her, video taping and playing on my phone. At one point, she stood up while holding her butt, which is the signs she is pooping. I put her back on her sit and waited until she was done pooping.

She looked down at her poop with such a proud face, it was so funny and rewarding. Of course, you still have to throw the poop into the toilet and flush it away.

That’s our tip to help you and your toddler’s potty training, we wish you good luck. And please be careful with your phone/tablet, don’t let your toddler grab it and throw it to the bath tub/toiler.

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