NASA found Egyptian writing on Mars

NASA has found an ancient carving on Mars that resembles the ancient Egyptian writing. More evidence that they had a civilization that’s connected to our old civilization?

Since we discovered Mars in 1659, we have always wondered if it is inhabitable. Or at least in was inhabited once.

Many UFO and alien enthusiasts have been going all over these images taken by the Rovers in its expedition in Mars.

This breakthrough discovery may lead to many more amazing discoveries once Rovers explore more areas, and may end up in discovering life. Or at least, one can hope.

If Aliens did leave these engraving on the stones on Mars and came to earth to teach the ancient Egyptians the same engraving, it might answer some questions about the old Egyptian technologies.

NASA found Egyptian writing on Mars

If we look more carefully, it does seem like humanoid shape carved into the stone in the center image.

It is difficult to draw any conclusion at the moment, but adding this with the recent discovery of water on Mars, we may find out soon if life existed on the Red Planet.

Will we be able to build colonies in Mars soon? it’s too soon to answer that indeed, but it is still a very fascinating discovery.

building ruins on Mars

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