Afraid of Naughty Cat, Postman Threatens to Stop Sending Mail

A postman of Royal Mail has threatened to stop sending mail to a house where a naughty cat keeps on snatching the mail straight from his hand.

The owners of Bella the cat have been notified by the Royal Mail that their mail deliveries will be suspended unless they find a way to stop her actions.

The postman has complained that whenever he is pushing the mail, the black and white kitty’s paws would come out and snatch the mail and put his fingers at risk of injury.

The couple was told that they have to restrain Bella at all times or provide an alternate mail box or their mail services will be suspended.

Bella’s owner, Matthew Sampson told the BBC, “We’ve noticed over the last couple of days that the postman is very hesitant at putting the letters in, and Bella thinks it’s a game that he’s trying to play. I haven’t seen her put her paws all the way through, but I think it’s fair what they’re saying – it’s just how they’ve worded the letter. As to restraining the cat, I’d no way dare.”

The clip below probably describe the danger the postman faced whenever he was delivering mail to Bella’s house;

cat vs mailman

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