7 month old Aurora loves typing on computer

I type a lot, like a lot lot. Apparently Aurora had been paying attention to me whenever I do that. One night, she crawled up to me, sit on my lap and started typing on my keyboard.

She was 7 months old when she did this. This shows that even at only seven months old, babies have been paying great attention to what we do, and start mimicking us.

I am a very busy man, only my wife and God know how busy I am. Everyday after work, I still go on computer to update my website and work on my clients’ websites.

Whenever I do that, I found Aurora staring at me every time I took a peek at her. When Marie let her out of her crib, she crawled up to me, tried to climb up and once she was up, she started typing, just like me.

She even did the checking on other things every few second thing. I always check on her in the crib or whatever the cat’s up to every few seconds while typing. She did exactly that (as shown in the video below).

After that, we knew we had to be very careful in saying or doing things, because Aurora will say and do whatever we show her on daily basis.

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