cat watching toddler Aurora reading books
Aurora is 20 months old now, and she loves reading books, under Tommy the kitty’s watch. She still loves being read, but sometimes she just reads by herself and ended it with ‘the end’ but mumbling words we couldn’t understand.

I guess she is trying to say the words on the books the way we read to her, but she couldn’t say those words properly yet.

We have been reading to Aurora since she was in Marie’s tummy, and we barely go through any day without reading to her.

I think that directly results to her preferring to play with books than other more traditional toys, such as dolls, plush animals or toy cars.

She loves it when we read to her with funny voices, especially when it comes to animal voices.

Sometimes, I change the name of the character into hers so she can relate to the character.

We borrow books from the library almost weekly. Based on what I learn from BabyCenter, introducing her to various books with different drawing and writing style should help her speech.

lift number book for babies and toddlersIn the video above, she was reading the ‘Lift & Look Numbers’ (shown in the link on the left), it’s colorful and features lift-out pieces that reveal other animals in different number underneath the pieces.

If you pay good attention to the video, you can hear her saying ‘The End’ at the end of her reading the books. That’s what we do, we tell her when the story ends.

She also loves books that have stories featuring babies and toddlers, I guess it’s because she can relate to the babies in the books. I also used some baby talks mixed with the words from the book to make it more enjoyable for her.

The Boss Baby bookOn the right is another good book that I would recommend. My wife, Marie discovered this book on Barnes’ and Nobles, it’s called the Boss Baby. Since we bought it on Amazon, we have been reading it to her since she was 6 months old to this very day, as you can see in the video below, it’s still her favorite book.

Try reading this book to your baby but change the boss baby’s name into your child’s name and see their expression. It’s priceless.

20 months in, she is showing great interest in books, alphabets, and numbers, which I am extremely grateful for.

I’m not saying my baby is smart, far from it. I’m sure many other toddlers are able to talk smoothly by 20 months. It’s just I believe by reading books to her daily would help her speech and develop an interest in books, reading and learning in the future and I hope we all can do the same.

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